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A three-staged event designed for all the participants to take their entrepreneurial skills to the ultimate test. Participants engage in innovation and apply their business management and versatility through competition. Three stages are-
1. Yojana (Strategy) Hustle and keep your team going!!
2. Parikalpana (Design) Use your dexterity in the best way possible and come up with a sublime product!!
3. Sanchalana (Conducting Business) Get ready to sell your brain to the highest bidder!!

CAD wizards

CAD wizards mainly concentrate on giving an opportunity to the hardware branches to create virtual 3D models as solutions for the given problem statements. The event involves many rounds and the difficulty level increases with each round passing. The last round involves problem statements from the real world, solving it gains bonus points for the team.


The participants will be given problem statements in the software domain. Here the participants are tested for their time management, problem-solving ability, and efficiency in this 24 hour race to secure the highest rank.

PCB Design(Workshop)

It’s a two-day workshop to expose the enthusiasts to the field of PCB building. The main objective of this workshop is to get the participants exposure and a generalized idea of how a circuit board is designed in an industry.


UG level

Prototyping using Figma(Workshop)

It’s a two-day workshop. The candidates under the guidance of the resource person(s) will be able to build their own user interface using the Figma Tool. The visualization of a candidate can be prototyped and get a clear picture of the user experience.

Poster Designing

Here you can showcase your creative and imaginary skills. Based on the given theme, one has to design a poster. It will be evaluated based on the presentation and demonstration. This is for UG students.

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Adithya : 7760764030