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It was started by Kruparth P Gowda


We have the vision to teach programing languages like python, c, c++ etc and technical skills to young minds like :

  • App development using Android Studio.
  • Web development using HTML & CSS.
  • IoT & Arduino IDE.
  • Photoshop.
  • Google forms, Spreadsheet etc.


The concept of techwithkpg came into existence as I saw many engineering students lacked technical skills and didn't know the exact place from where they could learn it. Many of my college mates wanted to learn the skills that I had and this lit up the idea of techwithkpg. I had observed that my friends understood topics better when discussed in groups than in classroom teaching.This brought the thought of how I should convey the topics to the ones who attended the sessions.



  • Digital Head ME-RIISE, 4th year , ECE , MCE


  • Two batches have participated in the sessions which were conducted online where the students have learnt App development using Android studio.


  • It was amazing learning opportunity for us. We enjoyed a lot and understood many concepts regarding app development. My suggestion is, to come across still more unknown concepts in the upcoming workshops.

    -Monish D

    1st year,ECE

  • Thank you for taking the initiative to teach what you are good at.. Learnt a lot from the sessions...Happy with all the sessions...

    -POOJA H M

    3rd year, ECE

  • The goal and vision of Techwithkpg is pretty simple but much effective. Having the goal of teaching , effective learning and problem solving which made us inspire and aspired us to drive our passion . App development helped us to shape our career . I really thank Kruparth(Founder) for providing such a great platform to LEARN and explore things. TechWithKPG has done a tremendous work in providing various Courses and Internships for students of Malnad College of Engineering . I am sure that such an experience will be useful and will help me in my professional career. Thank you, TechWithKPG, for a bright and productive work.

    Uthsavi PU

    3rd year,CSE