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Started by Achal J and Anirudha H A in the year 2021.


Building technologically sound solutions for modern and new-gen problems


1. To enhance the technical coherence in the campus
2. To organize events to make technological learnings accessible to everyone
3. To bring awareness of modern work culture in IT.


  • Achal J
  • Anirudha H A
  • Chinthan V
  • Shashank D S
  • Chinmayi R Shankar
  • Raksha Bharadwaj
  • Meghana H M
  • Gagan S G
  • Raksha Bharadwaj
  • Hariharan K
  • Dhyan S Agni
  • Kruthi H U
  • Ranjani
  • Sinchana
  • Varsha
  • Vanditha
  • Chirag K Deshbhandari
  • Bindu C K

AwAke flutter bootstrap

  • Organized a two-day app development bootcamp where the participants were able to develop their own basic calculator