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Entrorphosis is the flagship event of Pragyatha. This Event aims at awakening the entrepreneurial mindset and testing your ability and readiness to adopt, develop, organize and run the ideological business.

UI/UX Hackathon

User interface design is a craft in which designers focus on creating an interactive user experience. It is an opportunity where you can unveil your designing skills and have a great experience


The participants will be given problem statements in the software domain. Here the participants are tested for their time management, problem-solving ability, and efficiency in this 24 hour race to secure the highest rank.

Blockchain Workshop

Two-day hands-on workshop on blockchain development by experts will be conducted to ignite interest regarding blockchain and educate the participants.

      Cyber Forensic and Ethical Hacking Workshop

With the enhancement in technology,the need for cyber security and ethical hacking is increasing . A hands on experience from the scratch to upskill them as cyber forsenic investigators.

Shark Tank

Shark tank provides you with a platform in which participants can pitch their ideas and convince the jury to fund their enterprise to transform their ideas into reality

Trade Show

It's an initiative that aims at broadening entrepreneurial insight among youths. This platform provides you the opportunity to witness the authentic stories of different phases of building a successful enterprise.


The Adspize is an inter-branch strife where creativity meets madness. Adspize is a platform that brings out individual and collective talent of captivating the crowd in students. The Ads should contain the essentials of advertisement like clarity, provoking in nature, creativity, appeal, and simplicity.

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