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ME-RIISE is associated with New Age Innovation Network and is working towards bringing up incubation centers that will encourage students, researchers, scholars, and alumni to share their ideas, nurture, and bring out technical solutions to problems that are local-centric. Entrepreneurship development and mentoring are one of the ten initiatives of KIG 2020 for creating new opportunities and jobs. One of the tasks under this head is to build ‘ KARNATAKA NEW AGE INNOVATION NETWORK.’ The main objective of the NAIN Scheme is to encourage students, research scholars, and alumni to share their ideas to solve the chosen problems which are local-centric and to validate, refine, and nurture the ideas. Incubation Center shall provide an eco-system to convert the ideas in proof of concept and upgrade them to a level of commercial value. After successful incubation, encourage and lead the teams towards setting up a business enterprise


World Entrepreneurs' Day Talk

World Entrepreneurs' Day seeks to raise awareness of entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership among the stakeholders and the youth. The event, a talk on World Entrepreneurs' day commenced at a smooth pace and at the same time, it was live-streamed on YouTube channel of ME-RIISE for the first time.

With the introduction to ME-RIISE, the event began with explaining what is an entrepreneur's day. Then, the introduction of resource person Johnson Tellis who is the CEO of TCE (Technical Career Education), Co-founder and CEO at Inunity, Director of Dtlabz R&D Private Limited, Sahyadri Edu Dreamers R&D Private Limited was given by Dr A Geetha Kiran, Coordinator ME-RIISE, professor and head, Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Then, Sir took over the session and asked the participants to identify the logo and what they stand for. He explained exactly what entrepreneurship is all about. He also explained the IKIGAI- a Japanese concept that means the reason for your being.

Students were instructed
• To find a mission statement from the IKIGAI.
• To educate themselves.
• To engage with the community, as one can't do things on his own without inspiration from others.
• Re-align ourselves with discipline and routine.
• Be with people who are energetic and motivated.
• Build lots of prototypes and go check with people whether it is useful to them or not.
• Come and redesign and again validate, iterate this and expand your base.
• Finally, innovate.
• He also suggested some books such as The Richest Man in Babylon, Psychology Of Money, Atomic Habits, and The Alchemist.
The event was very well organized with a lot of information to learn and take forward in our daily life

Date: 21-08-2022


An expo was organized where teams were asked to present their ideas and models regarding real-world problems. The expo was held on the 16th of August in the CS seminar hall conducted by TCE with the guidance and presence of Dr. A. Geetha Kiran, HoD of the CS Department and co-ordinator of ME-RIISE.

It was divided into two domains: software and hardware. The teams who were participating in software problems were earlier trained in various software applications. Teams needed to prepare the prototypes or apps using these applications and present them at the expo. Teams with hardware problems were provided with various kinds of machines such as 3D printers, laser cutters and a tinkering lab. Teams were asked to prepare the working model by using these.

The expo was held in two rounds. In the first round, all the registered teams were allowed to present their model to the jury consisting of Mrs. Prakruthi H L, Assistant Professor EC department and Mr. Aruna Kumar, Associate Professor CS department, Dr. Anjan Sriranga, Professor at HIMS, Dr. A. Geetha Kiran, Coordinator of ME-RIISE and HOD CS department and Mrs. Chaithra, Assistant Professor EI department. And after the evaluation, the top 10 teams were selected for the second round. In the second round, the teams were again evaluated by the jury panel headed by Dr. Anjan Sriranga. Students from A.V.K college and Holly Mother School also visited the expo. Finally, at the end of the event, the best 3 teams were awarded cash prizes and participation certificates were issued to all the participants.

Date: 16-08-2022


The main objective of Navapravarthan is to unveil the world of engineering to young minds and fuel their creativity to develop new ideas into reality.

This event was organized by ME-RIISE and NAIN. More than 200 students of Hassan from A.V.K. Pre-university college and the Holy Children High School had attended the event. Inauguration of the programme was done in the presence of Dr. C.V. Venkatesh, principal of Malnad College of Engineering, Dr. A Geethakiran, coordinator, ME-RIISE, Head of the department, Computer Science and Engineering, and teachers of the A.V.K. PU College and Holy Children High School.

In Malnad College of Engineering, NAIN has funded eight projects in total. The eight NAIN-funded projects were Solar Buggy, Tesla Droid, Vision, Automatic cleaning Robot, Solar Panel Cleaning Robot, Composite Material, Automated Irrigation System, and Bamboo Con. The projects were demonstrated to the PU and the high school students. A short demonstration video of these projects featuring ME-RIISE and NAIN was also shown.

Date: 16-08-2022


The "Har Ghar Tiranga" campaign was organized in collaboration with NAIN (New Age Innovation Network) to mark 75 years of Independence also known as Azadi ka Amruth Mahotsav.

A photo booth to commemorate Azadi Ka Amruth Mahotsav was built to capture the photos to spread the celebration vibes of Independence day.

MERIISE coordinators went to each department of MCE with flags and banners, chanting "Vande Mataram!" together followed by a photo session. Members had sketched the outline of the India map in front of the club office. The Principal and Professors of various departments visited the ME-RIISE block and appreciated the attempt.

Date: 16-08-2022